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Welcome to Watershed Images: A brief explanation of my photo archives

A big part of my work over the past decade and a half has been photography. I have never pretended to be a professional photographer, at least in the artistic sense. Being paid to have a thousand or so images in print likely fits at least some definition of professional, but it my photos have largely been a sidelight to the writer/editor/designer work that has been my primary focus. Still, I’m left with a ton of photos focusing on all sorts of subjects from the past four years alone during which I’ve been self-employed and freelance. These pictures have been sitting quietly in neat little folders on the hard drive of my computer, collecting digital dust, as it were.

With the new realities of the internet, mostly how you can do just about anything for free or damn near, not at least making them more available seems pretty senseless and wasteful. So, I’ve done a couple things. First is this site, which is both a gateway to the full photo archive and, hopefully, some pretty pictures to look at. With every album of photos I add to my archive site, I’ll do one featured image that will appear here. Click on the main photo, and it’ll take you directly to the related album of pictures. Instead of keeping a simple “recent post” text list on the site, I figured I’d do that a little more graphically to suit the theme. So, down the right hand sidebar, they’ll be a chronological list of previous posts complete with a small image of that photo. Click on one of those, and it’ll bring up the full image.

But ultimately, this site is window dressing. The meat of this really lies on the archive site, which can be reached by clicking on the main photo on any page, or the link on the sidebar. Essentially, I’m creating a searchable, tagged and indexed array of images available for anyone out there looking for photos for whatever reason.

Image Archives Tab

Be it a book, magazine, website or newspaper looking for specific imagery for a commercial purpose, a graphic designer looking for elements to wrap into a project, or an individual who’d just like a print; I’m open to pretty much any purpose anyone can think of. Just send me an email, and we can work something out for use of the full, high-resolution originals. The photos here and on the archive aren’t the originals, but have been edited to fit the medium. Basically, it’s a catalog.

Album Page

And I’m not greedy, I’ll work within just about anyone’s budget, and even allow use for a photo credit in some circumstances, like for non-profit groups and such. Don’t be afraid to ask. I don’t bite.

So, when you’re done looking over the images on this page, here’s a brief description of what you’ll find on the archive page. Like I mentioned, when you click on the featured image here, it will take you directly to the full album of photos. Once there , you’ll see thumbnails of all of the available images. Clicking on any of those will bring up that particular image full size.

Full Image View

There are a couple of ways to find images within the archives. First, if you go to the Image Archives tab at the top of the page, it’ll take you to a full, chronological list of all the albums. Each album will include a brief description of the contents inside. 

If you are looking for more specific images, on that same page, included on the right hand sidebar, is a complete alphabetical list of all the tags used in the archive. Click on any one of these, and it will bring up an an array of all of the photos in the archive that are tagged with that name, regardless of album. 

Archive Index

The images will all appear with a file name and reference number. If you see any image you would like to use, just note that file name in you email. So it’s pretty simple. To this point, I have uploaded all of the images I took during the Downrigging Weekend tallship event in Chestertown, MD over Halloween weekend, but I’ll be adding more albums every day on a variety of subjects. At the bottom of this page is an email subscription option that will send you emails every time I place a new album on the archive. I have lots of photo, so I’ll be adding more virtually every day for a while.
I always like feedback, so feel free to drop me a line. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the photos.

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